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Roy Helsing - Accordionist

It's Not Your Grandpa's Accordion - A One Man Band


...and how we can make your event memorable - let's add some ambiance!

As soon as I get some more information from you, and can confirm my availability and send you a contract.  When you check the button on the bottom of this page I can send you an exact price and lock in the days should you decide to hire me for your event.

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  • ​1 Extremely Talented Musician ($495 Value)
  • ​​​​Top of the Line Instrument and PA System ​($24,000+ Value)
  • ​​​​My ​Music Vault ​ ($1,000+ Value)
  • ​​​​Experience Playing Hundreds of Weddings ​ (Priceless)
  • ​​​​Music Planning With Roy ​ ($250 Value)

Total Value


OK - not really. Just pointing out what it takes and has taken to be able to make this offer.

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My Goal For Your Event

My name is Roy Helsing, and I started playing the piano when I was in kindergarten. I  picked up the accordion in my 30's and it has been my passion since. This is not your grandfathers accordion, but rather is a blend of a very high quality traditional Italian reed accordion blended with the most advanced technical digital sounds in a way that allows my to play and control what amounts to a combo, band, or orchestra with up to nine blended sounds at once.  Don't think polka - think pop, country, swing, big band with saxophone, pianos, violins, actually several hundreds of instruments available.  If you have not had the opportunity yet, please visit my youtube channel to watch and listen.

We do everything possible to make your event incredible and memorable.

If we were to sit at a coffee shop a year after your event, what would have had to have happened at this event to say to me, “Wow, Roy, that was everything I ever it would be”?  My goal is to make that happen, both with the music and with assisting you in whatever manner you need to make that happen!

Our rate for most corporate, private, and not-for-profit events is:

1 Hour - $200
2 Hours - $300
3 Hours - $400
More than four hours in negotiable.  Contact me directly at

If you’re ready to secure a date now, simply click the button below.  I will let you know by email if I am available and give you a firm price for your event.

This will lock in your requested date and the price for seven days.

Check your inbox for your availability and quote.  If you would like to discuss the details of your event and get answers to any questions, please schedule a free Zoom consultation, or email me at helsingroy@gmail.com 

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